Accepting and Receiving Love

Hi Dear One, Sometimes we are like fish in the ocean thinking, “Water? What water?” We are of, in, and surrounded by the pure love of our Creator all this time and we say, “Love? What love?” I have used

Mirror Magic free workshop in Staunton, VA

Why did A Journey to Love: The Forgotten Mary disappear?

Interviewer: What happened to your book, A Journey to Love: The Forgotten Mary? It is not on you webpage any more? Miriam: I have just been given permission to have it redone in a much more realistic way. I’m very

Miriam interview 5 Beginning conversation about sex

Interview 5 Interviewer: Happy New Year, Miriam! Miriam: And may it be one that opens us all up to happiness and joy. Interviewer: I’ll agree with that. I wanted to ask you with your intensive sexual experiences as a prostitute

Poll about name of Mary or Miriam

Interviewer: So far our poll has given us only votes for calling Mary/Miriam Miriam.  That is what we will go.  I’ll check in with her later.  Thank you for your thoughts all.

Interview with Mary/Miriam

Interview with “Mary” also know as Miriam bat Simeon Interviewer: Greetings and welcome. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to talk with you. You have been most gracious to agree to many interviews in the future so that when questions

ACIM, Women, Power, and Money

A Course in Miracles, Women, Power, and Money by Margot Hawk “Teach only love for that is what you are. “ “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists therein lies the peace of God.” ACIM What is real power?

A Course in Miracles

Love and ACIM Love is God in Action Healing Relationships is an imparative of being on this plane.  This is our main directive – healing through forgiveness. We heal relationships by looking through the eyes of love not judgement. Sickness