Anessa Series

The Anessa Series written by Margot Hawk includes three beautifully written stories of young Anessa. The series includes Anessa’s Gift, Anessa’s Loss, and Anessa’s Love. 

Book Cover 2Anessa’s Love

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Anessa and her friends are out in the world, learning, working and falling in love. Anessa meets her “prince charming” and finds out that not all princes who are charming can stay that way through a long term commitment. The third novel in the Anessa series explores romantic love. Our heroine falls in love, marries, divorces, and wonders, “What is it all about this being in love with another?” Working with her dear friends and wise-people, she learns much about giving up herself to be with this person she loves and where that takes her. Having given up most of her spiritual side, her mirror work and listening to her inner counsel, she questions herself because of her choices. During her explorations she meets with her grandmother, whom she calls MomMom, and MomMom’s fiancé, Carlton. They gather with many other men and women to research the work and fun it takes to have a relationship and keep it rich, even in emergency situations. Can human beings really have the kind of spiritual and sexual relationship that these people desire? Finding her way back to her truth and center she meets, works with, and falls in love with Matayah who wants the kind of relationship she wants—the kind we all want. After two years of “practice, practice, practice,” they are challenged in a way they never anticipated. An enlightening, experiential novel written with mature wisdom and depth of insight from the heart, Anessa’s Love brings to light valuable nuggets of learning how to cope through some of those “who am I ” stages of life: doubts, fears, “What happened? Everything was going just right.” Taking the reading from soaring bliss to crushing betrayal, disappointment, despair and coming through it all by standing in one’s truth, this novel is an inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining read.

Reviews of Anessa’s Love
A beautifully written novel by a very insightful author.
By grannybear on June 6, 2014  – Paperback
As you journey with Anessa as she experiences all the highs and lows of love and the many paths we all take to finally and hopefully discover not only our soul mate but our own true self you will experience many emotions; many of which may be a part of your very own journey. You will find yourself being able to identity with this lovely young woman. There is a vast amount of wisdom penned by this author as you will learn as Annesa does that love is indeed not only physical but emotional and as you will discover spiritual as well.

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Anessa's Loss CoverAnessa’s Loss

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Anessa and her friends are finishing high school and going off to college when the unthinkable happens. While Anessa s family and friends go through the many coping mechanisms we all use to deal with loss fear, anger, grief, and checking out Anessa shuts down rather than experience her sorrow. Then she finds herself alone and alienated from those she loves. How does Anessa master her pain around the most frightening of losses? Laugh, cry, and meet an Angel of Death in this moving adventure.

Reviews for Anessa’s Loss
By Dianne M. Marshall on July 16, 2012 – Format: Paperback
Anessa’s Loss …continues to unfold life’s adventures , challenges and experiences with heart warming insights and encouragement.As a mother / grandmother, these works are highly recommended as noteworthy to all parents , grandparents to share with their young. Can hardly wait for the next sequel … Anessa’s Love to be released !!!

Anessa's Gift CoverAnessa’s Gift

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A modern tale about a feisty, intuitive preteen who untangles the mystery of a magic mirror while navigating through family problems, friendship, dating, and growing-up.




Reviews for Anessa’s Gift
A must read for all, July 28, 2012- By Diane k – Paperback
Anessa’s gift could be a resource that can be used by both young and old. This book would have great impact if it was presented to all middle school children and their parents, giving young people the opportunity to relate their own personal experiences to Anessa’s story and giving parents the tools to assist them.